6 Secrets for Challenging the Challenges

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The most common responses given by our mind. That’s how our mind speaks to us every time we ask for some help to a difficult situation/ task in our life. We all have experienced it!! The liberating moment in our lives is when we actually prove our-self wrong and do the unimaginable thing. That’s the most achievable thing in our life, and the happiest moment and a proud feeling too. So HOW did this happen?

A transition from a strict NO to a Powerful YES!!

WHO did it? Is it you? or somebody else? It’s the SAME YOU who trusted in yourself . Often said than done and how easy it sounds, the journey was difficult but you still DID IT!! Overcoming all obstacles.

Let’s understand what made you beat your own mind!!

Here are the 6 secrets about Challenging the Challenges

  • 1. KNOW THE ‘WHY’: Know the WHY aspect of anything you do is very important. If you know the Why – THE PURPOSE, you will be self-determined to make it happen. It’s very crucial to understand how much importance and value does that particular task, goal have in your life. If the result is certainly going to impact you the way you want it, then you will never-give-up and you will just nail it. Everything begins with WHY, What and how comes later.

  • 2. BELIEVING IN YOURSELF: Often, when the difficult situation arises, our family, friends, relatives, etc. have concern for us, they love us and thus they don’t want us to struggle or go through the hard phase and face the difficulties. That’s why most of them will never support us, when we want to do something unbelievable (to them). That is when you and your mind have a strong clear conversation and you tell yourself, “ YOU CAN DO IT!! NO WORRIES, YOU CAN EASILY DO IT!! YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IT TAKES, SO DO IT.”

  • 3. ATTITUDE: The most difficult challenge in any situation is the way you carry your attitude.Attitude determines, as to how you see and interpret every situation in your life. If your attitude is negative, you will definitely see and focus only on the problems. However, if your attitude is positive, you will simply focus on all the possible solutions for that problem.

  • 4. PATIENCE: Since childhood, we all have been taught and also know the 'The HARE and the TORTOISE' story. We do remember the moral of the story too,'Slow and Steady Wins the Race.' As soon as we grow up, we forget this and we are always in a rush to accomplish the task and look for instant results.

    “Patience is a bitter plant that produces sweet fruit.” ~ Charles Swindoll

  • 5. TIME: We all should firmly believe that, our time will come and when we will rise and shine. Most often we start comparing other people’s success with ours and get disheartened and we lose our focus and interest in achieving our dream/ goals. Some people have achieved success later in life. The founder of KFC, he achieved his success when he was in his 60 yrs of age. Nelson Mandela became the President of the Country at the age of 76. Maybe at present, you aren’t shining, that doesn’t mean your time has stopped. You will certainly shine tomorrow, just keep going!!

  • 6. DISCIPLINED: Each day, should be focused and dedicated. We should not allow our minds to wander on unnecessary stuff around us. Any action we take or do, should contribute to the betterment of ourselves and our objective in mind. Each day, we have to take it as a new fresh day filled with great opportunities. We should never lose our focus from our goal.

SNEZEAL certainly believes in these secrets.
We confidently do share these secrets with our participants at our Workshops and motivate them.
This helps them get aligned with their goals.

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