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Snezeal believes in offering practical, highly customizable, and easily implementable solutions for individuals and organizations through training and coaching programs which helps you to transform personally and professionally for achieving success in life.

Snezeal, is started with a single dream - Rediscover Yourself.

We deliver our programs with great energy and enthusiasm in pursuit of an objective.

In a lifetime, it’s very important to believe in self that YOU CAN DO IT !! We act as an catalyst in your journey and we do it with great energy and enthusiasm.

We design customized learning initiatives to help companies develop ‘people capabilities’ to meet their business objectives. We help organization build competencies that connect the dots between individual role and organization goal.We associate with clients to deliver corporate training programs.

Boost your expertise in Workplace Productivity, Customer service and Personality Development.

About Us

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Sneha Daragshetti is founder of Snezeal, started with the vision of helping individuals rediscover themselves.

A Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Mumbai, Sneha started her career as a Quality Assurance officer, handling clients and dealing with various projects thus giving her excellent exposure to working with various people across the level.

Soon the transition happened from an employee to being an entrepreneur. Sneha opted for what she does today-inspiring and motivating people. Through her YouTube channel – smallpeptalks , Sneha delivers snippets of information about Soft Skills & Life Skills.

Sneha Daragshetti is a facilitator with expertise in the areas of Soft Skills. She is a certified trainer for Situational Leadership (The Centre of Leadership Studies, USA), and ‘Certified Professional Process Facilitator- CPPF’ .

As a facilitator, Sneha has been recognized for creating a stimulated and interactive learning environment, encouraging participation and individual creativity. In addition to this, her ability to quickly build rapport with her participants, and make them feel comfortable, ensures a great learning environment.

She has a broad range of training experience and carries a wealth of knowledge in this discipline. By relating real-life scenarios during the facilitation and her infectious enthusiasm, she can engage with large audiences in the training workshops that she conducts.

Today, she is helping individuals develop their personality across sectors through Snezeal

Sneha firmly believes in two thoughts,
“ If you think you can, you can. ” ~ John Burroughs

“ Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. ” ~ Neale Walsch