Understand the QUALITIES OF A LEADER before you regret !!

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Long ago there was one such captain of an aeroplane who was leading the crew of a 155 seater plane plus the cabin crew. The captain, a smart and intelligent pilot, was a happy go lucky person. One such day the flight took off from the airport to dash a flock of geese and thus was no more able to fly in the skies. The captain then asked the crew to land the plane in a river close by which in turn saved the lives of the passengers and the crew. Here what we see is that the one decision made by the captain saved them all. But it wasn’t just this one decision of the captain; it was underlying immense faith, respect for the captain, and a strong team that together saved them all.

Any new venture in life needs a path to grow and so does a leader to lead. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal.

Various authors have written several books over this topic which also means that if you are not a born leader you can still imbibe the qualities of leadership and become a good leader.

Factors That Affect Qualities Of A Leader's Longevity

  • 1. Effective: A leader should present himself well. He should be highly effective in his command over his team and develop a strong bond amongst team members. A leader should be proficient in understanding the company’s vision and goal and should provide the team with a direction to achieve it.

  • 2. Influence: This is an important quality of a leader. A leader should be influential enough to have an impact on the team's opinions, behavior, and attitude. The leader should not control the team instead give them an equal say in any discussion but hold the final decision to themselves. This creates a sense of belonging in the minds of team members and the team easily agrees to what the leader says.

  • 3. Communication: Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. A leader should consider his team as his family. Listen and understand each and every team member, understand them, and respond accordingly to make them feel at home. It is said that when you talk about yourself the person feels comfortable speaking up and if this takes place between a team a good bond develops which benefits the organization.

  • 4. Integrity: Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. A leader is not just a leader but also a role model for the rest. Team members expect you to behave the way you want them to behave and act. A leader should follow work ethics and be loyal to the organization and to themselves. Integrity not just makes you a good leader but also a good human being.

  • 5. Accountability: A good leader takes note of contribution of all the team members and appreciates them for the same. Leader should take less credit in case of success and more blame in case of any mistake. Applauding your team mates for any creditable work done increases their zest and spirit. Even a small remark made by you can boost the teams confidence.

  • 6. Empathy: A true leader is selfless and has the capacity to listen and understand the problems of his team members, make them feel better and help them in any possible way. Any person feels better upon being heard and develops a sense of attachment towards the other person. When you help your team members in difficult times they will in return help you in your difficult times.

  • 7. Positivity: You have 1000 reasons to say ‘no’ but if you get just that one reason to say ‘yes’ and anything that is well begun is half done. A positive thought always leads to a positive result. A team leader who always has a positive outlook creates an atmosphere which leaves no space for negativity. Positivity helps build a healthy work environment.

  • 8. Confidence: Never underestimate the power of words. When you as a leader choose your words that make the other person confident you increase his and your productivity. Choosing to confide in someone also shows that you realise that person’s potential. A confident team is unbeatable and undefeatable. Confidence removes doubt from the other person’s mind and fills in zeal to work and perform. Selecting the correct words is highly important in this matter.

SNEZEAL certainly believes in these secrets.
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