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Consider your first day at the office or first meeting, you come across many new people from different sects of life, varied professions, different lifestyles but despite all of these what remains common is the first impression.

In psychology, a first impression is an event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. Impression accuracy varies depending on the observer and the target being observed.

No matter whether it is just another day of life or some important gathering we always come across new faces, meet new people and our mind automatically starts painting a self-made image of that person this self-made image is the first impression that the other person leaves upon us.

It takes 1/10th second to judge someone and make a first impression. Components of social expressivity such as smiling, eyebrow position, emotional expression, and eye contact help us form the image in our minds. It is the magic that a person spells at you that determines the first impression.

Why is this first impression so important?

The first impression is formed at the very first encounter and that too just in a brief period of time. Although in the long run when you start working at the organization or when you hold a chance to start a new venture or a new job it is this impression that counts.

When there comes a situation wherein your boss has to support you or you need a job it is the first impression which helps the higher authority to decide as to whom to support or whom to hire in the latter case.

It is a matter of fact it is highly difficult or rather nearly impossible to change the first impression. The human mind is accustomed to travel to the past every now and then so any trouble or problem that you face later in life the other person happens to judge you based on the impression you created the very first time you met him/her.

At many scenarios in life, you are being tested. The recruiter is in search of the apt person for a particular job, and might just want to test you the very first time you walk in.

How to create a good first impression, that lasts..

  • 1. Don’t forget to smile: A smile on your face is like welcoming the other person without the use of words. A smile lightens the atmosphere and makes everyone feel comfortable. A frowning face attracts tension and changes the way of conversation. So greet with a smile and make way for new possibilities.

  • 2. Prepare yourself before time: When meeting someone prepare yourself ahead of time. Try to know the person a little more based on their social media accounts and also common contacts who know the person well. Be it a casual meet or any business meeting, find something common between you and the person you are meeting. Prepare yourself regarding the common topic. This common topic will help you strike a conversation and when you are able to speak about it, this helps you exhibit your knowledge. After you jot down the common topics plan on how you are planning to go about in that meet. Be alert and attentive as you will not always get the expected answers sometimes the answers may change or lead to another question.

  • 3. Actions speak louder than words: When a person is being judged, naturally the eyes fall on the appearance, body language made use of, mannerisms, etc to name a few. Your appearance need not be expensive clothes or branded accessories, it simply means that your dressing should be appropriate for that occasion. Your clothes should be neatly ironed, hair brushed tidily and footwear should also be appropriately chosen. We have learnt about the five magic words at school- thank you, sorry, please, excuse me and may I? Believe it or not these words are still considered to test your kindness and mannerism. Be polite and humble while talking and calm while listening.

  • 4. Be a good listener: While you converse with someone listen to understand and not just reply. Try to understand what the other person wants to say and not just reply to the statement he, she makes. In any occasion if you listen well you will also be able to understand your job well and this will in turn make the other person know that you are capable enough. Make use of the five sense organs aptly to leave a good first impression on the other person.

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